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The WeightWise course was established by MaryRose in her campaign to provide an easier, more successful and more permanent way to lose weight.  If you want to change your life, lose weight and body fat, improve your health, feel energised and really know what healthy food choices are for you, then you’re in the right place.
WeightWise delivers a fresh approach to weight loss and will change the way you think about your body and your food needs.   You’ll discover how to work with, rather than against your body makeup in a way that’s sustainable and enjoyable.  The course has been developed by MaryRose and her team at The Nutrition Consultants, specifically for weight loss and will also benefit those with type 2 diabetes and raised cholesterol levels.

WeightWise will give you the skills to eat, drink and lose weight forever!

We use a body composition monitor to understand how your body is made up. This information allows us to identify your requirements and match them to your food intake. This personalised approach is the key to successful weight loss.

You’ll learn the truth about foods for weight loss. Many of the nutrition messages are misleading and misunderstood, and ‘healthy food’ choices are not always ideal for weight loss. Retailers, food suppliers and manufacturers are typically more interested in boosting their sales than your well-being!
We’ll give you simple messages about your food, fluid and exercise to match your body makeup and fit in with your lifestyle. It’s time to leave the soul destroying culture of diets behind you and instead know how to eat anything and everything, have a life, enjoy yourself and still control your weight.

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Why WeightWise works

Why WeightWise Works?

While you look for successful weight loss by counting kilojoules or selecting foods that are good or bad, healthy or not healthy, low fat, high fibre, low carbohydrate, high protein and so on, you will never find a long term solution to your weight problems. Read more…
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What Clients Say

The WeightWise consultant is a great motivator when trying to lose weight and get some sense back into my eating habits.
Mrs K
From my first consultation, I felt incredibly positive about achieving my goal. I was referred to WeightWise primarily to help reduce my cholesterol which, due to a family history of heart disease needs to be very low.
Mrs D
WeightWise has worked with me to develop a regular eating programme that has led to a steady long term change in my eating patterns and resulted in sustained weight loss.
Mr B
I wish I had met Mary Rose 20 years ago, when I was working as a General Practitioner, rather than now, already in my late 50s.
To my astonishment, on the individualized program WeightWise developed for me, my weight dropped off effortlessly, without me having to be on a specific diet.
Dr M
I was a client of yours a few years ago and when I saw you on TV last night it motivated me to contact you. I just wanted to let you know that since seeing you I have successfully managed my weight and kept it off.
Mrs H
Since starting this life changing way things have got better, I feel better about who I am, I am fitter and quicker on a squash court and have developed a problem whereby when I loosen my belt my pants fall down (new clothes required)!
Wow, I feel amazing and friends and family are complimenting me on how wonderful I look. My clothes are so loose I now shop for two sizes smaller. This is after losing 14.4kg in 11 weeks.
I learned so much about how to eat properly – which I honestly thought I knew beforehand – but it’s such a sensible eating plan, plus added support from Brigid and the encouragement to exercise more often and build all of this into my lifestyle.
Claire O
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