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Tips for Portions

Tips for Portions!
This time of the year seems to naturally encourage us into patterns that fit well with weight loss.   The longer evenings call for us to be moving outdoors and the slightly warmer temperatures direct us to hydration and more water. Into this helpful environment, we need to keep savvy on portions.  Remember the evidence is strong to show if you put too much food in front of someone, they will eat more than they need!
So let’s set you up with a few tips to make sure the portions are the right size for your size.
  • Go green – enjoy the arrival of summer salads!  Load them into lunch and dinner to keep the protein and carb portions smaller
  • The portion of your meat or chicken at the main meal should fit comfortably on the fingers of your hand and be about the thickness of your fingers.  Fish could be slightly larger
  • Set up a policy of taking one, not two
  • Before going out for a meal, fill up with a bowl of salad or lightly cooked greens – their fibre and the physical action of chewing gives improved appetite control
  • Use a lunch plate rather than a dinner plate for your evening meal – a simple change that’s very effective
  • Pamper yourself with new small portions, to fit the new smaller size you want to be
  • Deal with leftovers before you sit down to eat so you’re not tempted to return for more
  • Let your wine glass double as your water glass.   It’s harder to top up when it’s full of water