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Summer Salad with Chinese Dressing

Summer Salad with Chinese Dressing 

Makes 4 Cups

150g courgettes
100g snow peas
100g button mushrooms
1 red pepper
½ cup basil leaves or parsley – chopped

Chinese Dressing
1 tsp ginger – grated
1 clove garlic – crushed
2 Tbsp rice wine vinegar
1 Tbsp sweet soy sauce (ABC sauce)
Mix together well


• Cut courgettes in half lengthways and slice diagonally
• Trim snow peas and slice diagonally
• Blanch snow peas for 1 minute in boiling salted water, refresh under cold running water and set aside
• Thinly slice mushrooms
• Deseed red pepper and slice to match green vegetables
• Put vegetables in a large bowl and mix through dressing
• Allow to stand for 15 minutes to absorb dressing
• Sprinkle over basil just before serving, toss gently

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