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We offer consultations on weight loss, general nutrition and a wide range of health issues. Consultations may be booked as either a one on one consultation, a couples consultation or a family nutrition session.


We want to give you a life, not a diet. We believe you can eat everything – it’s knowing how much and how often. We want this to be the last time you lose weight  – MaryRose Spence, BHSc Dietitian

One on One Consultation

We allow an hour for the initial consultation and follow up appointments are 15 minutes.

At the first visit we’ll assess your present food and fluid intake, along with your level of activity, meal time situation and relevant medical history.   We’ll put you on our body composition monitor which helps us understand how your body is made up.

This allows us to give tailor made recommendations on food, fluid and exercise to each individual.


Special discount prices for all NEW client consultations in August:

  • $310.00 (NOW $255) for an initial consultation with MaryRose Spence, Registered Dietitian
  • $205.00 (NOW $170) with Brigid Chunn, Registered Nutritionist
  • We offer a discounted package for our clients requiring weight loss. The price is $635.00 (NOW $595) with MaryRose or $545.00 (NOW $510) with Brigid. This is a one off upfront payment and covers the initial consultation and 6 follow up visits. It also includes a starter pack containing the bestselling book Size Does Matter by MaryRose Spence, a set of measuring cups and a 750ml pump water bottle. The WeightWise package is valid for 2 years.

Couples Consultation

This is a 1½ hour appointment for a couple requiring weight loss. Each individual will receive written recommendations tailored to their body make up for food, fluid and exercise.


  • $495.00 (August special $400) with MaryRose Spence Registered Dietitian
  • $325.00 (August special $270) with Brigid Chunn Registered Nutritionist

Family Nutrition Session

This is a 1 hour session for a maximum of 5 family members. It provides evidence based nutrition information to set your family up with excellent food, fluid and exercise standards for years to come. Each family member will be put on the body composition monitor, to allow the discussion to cover individual needs and requirements.


  • $310.00 for the hour with MaryRose Spence or $205.00 with Brigid Chunn

Express Weight Loss

Individual session includes:

  • Body composition reading
  • Brand new video presentation
  • Half hour consultation

  • $155 with MaryRose Spence or $100 with Brigid Chunn

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