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Ministry of Health Guidelines

Interesting reading from the Ministry of Health website, especially the “Not recommended” section…

The Ministry of Health recommends a nutritionally balanced eating pattern consistent with the Eating and Activity Guidelines for New Zealand Adults for good health.

For people wanting to lose weight, the Ministry recommends reducing total energy (calorie) intake by reducing intake of foods and drinks that are energy dense and nutrient poor, for example, sugar-sweetened drinks, alcohol, confectionery and fast food.

For any dietary change to be effective it needs to be sustainable long-term, which usually means making small changes that fit your lifestyle. Physical activity is an important component of any weight loss plan and can help you achieve your weight loss goal and improve your health too.

To help make sense of some of the different dietary approaches out there, the Ministry has reviewed eight popular diets:

For more detailed information:  https://www.health.govt.nz/your-health/healthy-living/food-activity-and-sleep/popular-diets-review